FACEM - provenience studies on pottery in the central mediterranean

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Fabric types produced in Malta

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Fabrics of Malta: Systematic fabric studies on Maltese pottery have a relatively short history. In 2000 B. Bruno and C. Capelli published a first paper dealing with three fabrics, identified, on the basis of archaeometric analyses, among two amphorae types of the Late Republican and Early Imperial period.

Transport Amphorae

MALTA-A-1 (15 samples)

MALTA-A-2 (11 samples)

MALTA-A-3 (4 samples)

MALTA-A-4 (5 samples)

MALTA-A-5 (1 sample)

Coarse Wares

MALTA-C-1 (4 samples)

MALTA-C-2 (9 samples)

Handmade Pottery

MALTA-HP-1 (6 samples)