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Fabric types produced in North Eastern Sardinia

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Fabrics of North Eastern Sardinia: Thirteen samples of transport amphorae, coarse wares and terracotta objects from differ? ent excavations at Olbia (Scavo ex Mercato, scavo Via Torino) and from the region of Olbia (Isola Bocca) were selected ...

Transport Amphorae

NE-SARD-A-1 (2 samples)

NE-SARD-A-2 (1 sample)

NE-SARD-A-3 (1 sample)

Coarse Wares

NE-SARD-C-1 (1 sample)

NE-SARD-C-2 (1 sample)

NE-SARD-C-3 (1 sample)

NE-SARD-C-4 (1 sample)

Various Terracotta Objects

NE-SARD-VT-1 (1 sample)