FACEM - provenience studies on pottery in the central mediterranean

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Fabric types produced in Ischia

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Fabrics of Ceramic Building Materials of Pithekous: The analysis of samples from Ischia, complemented by samples from the distribution area Velia, led to the distinction of four different fabrics (ISC?CBM?1?4) which are based on two variants of one petrographic?mineralogical group (RVZ 03), as established by R. Sauer ...

Architectural Terracotta

ISC-AT-1 (1 sample)

Coarse Wares

ISC-C-1 (1 sample)

ISC-C-2 (1 sample)

Ceramic Building Materials

ISC-CBM-1 (6 samples)

ISC-CBM-2 (2 samples)

ISC-CBM-3 (2 samples)

ISC-CBM-4 (1 sample)

ISC-CBM-5 (3 samples)