FACEM - provenience studies on pottery in the central mediterranean


fabric descriptionobject dataarchaeometrypetrography
fabric type HIM-A-2
ware Transport Amphorae
supposed site of production Himera
certainty of arguments archaeometric: certain, archaeological: quite certain
visual excamination of fresh break Brown-pinkish-reddish clay, very fine, depurated and very compact, with sporadic visible inclusions of white colour
colour of freshly broken section (munsell) 5 YR 5/6
texture of freshly broken surface fine
hardness hard
porosity void form: channel; vughy (some); void length: 0.04-0.16-20; 0.79 (channel lenght)
inclusions length: 0.04-0.20-50
sorting well sorted silt


calciumcarbonate very frequent, rounded; subrounded, spherical; subspherical, white-yellowish, 0,04-0,24
carbonate pseudomorphoses frequent, spherical; subspherical, rounded; subrounded, white-yellowish, 0,04-0,40-50
reddish inclusions sporadic, subrounded, spherical; subelongate, dark red-orangish, 0,08-0,20
black inclusions rare, rounded, ovoidal, black/dark grey, /-0,16
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