FACEM - provenience studies on pottery in the central mediterranean


fabric descriptionobject dataarchaeometrypetrography
fabric type PAN-A-1
ware Transport Amphorae
supposed site of production Palermo / Panormos
certainty of arguments archaeometric: certain, archaeological: quite certain
visual excamination of fresh break colour red, texture fine and compact, numerous small inclusions: white, grey, voids, mica
colour of freshly broken section (munsell) red 10 R 5/8
texture of freshly broken surface smooth
hardness hard
porosity 5%; void form: vughy, channel; void length: 0.04 (vughy), 0.06 (channel)-1.0 (vughy), 1.6 (channel)
inclusions 5%, length: <0.04-0.7
sorting unsorted


quartz very frequent, well rounded - rounded, very spherical - subspherical, subangular, clear, grey, 0.04-0.12
mica frequent, spherical, elongate, angular, white, dark, <0.04-0-12
calciumcarbonate very frequent, well rounded - subrounded, very spherical, elongate - subelongate, white, yellowish white, <0.04-0.4
carbonate pseudomorphoses riddled with, rounded - subrounded, very spherical - subspherical, subelongate, white, yellowish white, <0.04-0.7
reddish inclusions very frequent, well rounded - subrounded, very spherical - subspherical, elongate, reddish brown, red, <0.04-0.3
black inclusions infrequent, rounded, spherical, elongate, black, <0.04-0.16
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