FACEM - provenience studies on pottery in the central mediterranean


fabric descriptionobject dataarchaeometry
fabric type CAR-REG-A-1
fabric previously published as KTS, Carthage (n. 368)
ware Transport Amphorae
supposed site of production Carthage region
certainty of arguments archaeological: quite certain
visual excamination of fresh break yellowish red, irregular; many fine to medium-sized white inclusions, large channel formed voids
colour of freshly broken section (munsell) 5 YR5/6
texture of freshly broken surface irregular
hardness hard
porosity void form: channel; vughy; void length: 0,03-0,5
inclusions 15%
sorting moderately sorted sand


quartz very frequent, angular, spherical, clear; gray, 0,3-0,6
black iron oxide concretions infrequent, rounded, subspherical, black, 0,06-0,15
red iron oxide concretions singular, well rounded, spherical, rusty brown, 0,4
white inclusions singular, rounded, elongate, white, 0,6
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