FACEM - provenience studies on pottery in the central mediterranean


fabric descriptionobject dataarchaeometry
fabric type ENT-A-1
ware Transport Amphorae
supposed site of production Entella
certainty of arguments archaeometric: quite certain, archaeological: quite certain
visual excamination of fresh break Reddish clay, fine and depurated with very small visible inclusions of whitish colour and sporadic big ones.
colour of freshly broken section (munsell) 2.5 YR 6/6
texture of freshly broken surface fine
hardness hard
porosity void form: vughy; channel; void length: 0.04-08-1.39 (channel lenght)
inclusions length: 0.04-08-1.19 (sporadic)
sorting unsorted


quartz infrequent, rounded/subrounded/angular?, very spherical, whitish/greyish/transparent, 0.12-1.19
mica sporadic, angular, very spherical, shiny, 0.12
calciumcarbonate sporadic, well rounded, very spherical, white/yellowish, 0.04-08
carbonate pseudomorphoses very frequent, rounded; angular, very spherical; spherical, whitish/yellowish, 0.04
red iron oxide concretions rare, subrounded; subangular, subelongate; very spherical, dark red/blackish, 0.12-16-0.40
grey inclusions rare, subangular, very spherical, dark grey, 0.12-0.16-20
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